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May 11th, 2012
Judge upholds Minnesota's wild rice protection - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

May 9th, 2012
Cravaack introduces BWCAW land swap bill By John Myers - Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota

May 8th, 2012
Club files legal challenge against Eagle Mine project, Michigan - Mining Journal

May 5th, 2012
Global miners will fight advance of resource nationalism - Glencore CEO, Mineweb

May 3rd, 2012
Dayton OK's wolf hunt, license increases - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

April 22nd, 2012
Company wants to grow quality medical marijuana in old mine - Michigan

April 16th, 2012
Mine could go on auto, GETTING rid of the miners - Australia

March 27th, 2012
Mining boom in Michigan: economic boost or environmental nuisance? - The Christian Science Monitor

March 12th, 2012
This Week in History: Mining Moratorium Bill passed in 1997 - Wisconsin

March 6th, 2012
Mining on the Range: Half the story is half the truth, By C.A. Arneson - MinnPost

March 6th, 2012
PolyMet Opponents Deliver Petitions By Dog Sled, Minnesota CBS

March 2nd, 2012
Pandora's Box: Digging the Earth, Killing the Future Landgrabbing and mineral extraction spell disaster for Earth - Common Dreams

February 29th, 2012
Sled Dog Relay to Protect Clean Water Begins in Ely - KBJR

February 21st, 2012
Rio Tinto expands Mine of the Future - Automated mining systems

February 13th, 2012
What would it take to fix the planet? Provocative answers fill U of M magazine - By Ron Meador, MinnPost

February 13th, 2012
Protesters block mining trucks in Winona - Minnesota Kare 11

February 7th, 2012
The well-poisoners, Iron Range drinking water is contaminated the State of Minnesota knew and did nothing By Jennifer Martin-Romme - Zenith City Weekly

February 7th, 2012
Antofagasta didn't do it right in Chile, but says sulfide mining in Minnesota will be different -- trust us By C.A. Arneson, MinnPost

January 25th, 2012
Wisconsin Endangers a Sacred Tradition By Mary Annette Pember - Indian Country (GTAC Mine proposed near Bad River reservation)

January 11th, 2012
The Nuanced Debate Around Mining By Susan Bence, WUWM - Milwaukee

January 8th, 2012
Bad River Chippewa Against Proposed Mining Legislation in Wisconsin By Ahni, Indian Country

November 28th, 2011
Will mines get state's riches for a paltry sum? By Tina Lam - Detroit Free Press, Michigan

November 27th, 2011
Companies consider mining for gold in Wisconsin By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel

November 18th, 2011
Would better DNR management bring more money for schools? By Beth Hawkins, MinnPost

November 2nd, 2011
The Long and Honorable Battle of the Ojibwe to Keep Their Wild Rice Wild By Winona LaDuke, Indian Country

November 1st, 2011
Tests find toxins at Flambeau mine By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel

October 31st, 2011
Forest Service way off on BWCA fire projections By Tony Kennedy , Minneapolis Star Tribune

October 28th, 2011
House passes bill giving Arizona land to mining company; Minnesota delegation splits - A subsidiary of Rio Tinto is exploring a non-ferrous mine site in northeast Minnesota. By Eartha Jane Melzer

October 17th, 2011
Pebble Mine Development Polarizes Alaska by Daysha Eaton, NPR

October 16th, 2011
Interest in mining surges in northern Wisconsin By RON SEELY, Wisconsin State Journal

August 11th, 2011
The Last Man On The Mountain - By Radio Diaries, NPR - Economy Vs. Environment

July 27th, 2011
UPDATE: Tim DeChristopher gets two years in prison By Ask Umbra, Grist Magazine

July 26th, 2011
Remember BP's Tony Hayward? He's trying to get his life back in northern Minnesota By Don Shelby, MinnPost

June 29th, 2011
Made to last - Posted by: Greg Seitz, Star Tribune

June 8th, 2011
San Carlos Apache Tribe voices opposition to Land Swap at the United Nations By Sandra Rambler, Arizona

May 13th, 2011
If only the state took toxic metals as seriously as invasive species - By C.A. Arneson, Minnesota Public Radio

May 12th, 2011
Rally for wild rice protection to greet Dayton at fishing opener - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

May 11th, 2011
Jauch Angry About 'Secret' Mining Bill - Northland's NewsCenter

May 7th, 2011
"No Sulfide Mining" activists speak out about proposed plans - Northland's NewsCenter

May 2nd, 2011
Streamlined Permitting Draws Mixed Reviews - Business North

April 20th, 2011
Environmentalists launch wild rice hotdish protest - Minnesota Public Radio

April 19th, 2011
Upset Commissioner Walks Out of Meeting After Listening to Anti-Sulfate Mining Activists - Northland's NewsCenter

April 15th, 2011
In Minn., copper mining runs afoul of wild rice - By Steve Karnowski, Associated Press - MPR

April 13th, 2011
Five firms want to hunt for copper, nickel near BWCA - By David Schaffer, Star Tribune

April 12th, 2011
Public Learning More about Prospecting in Superior National Forest - Northland's NewsCenter

April 11th, 2011
As is, House, Senate natural resources bills warrant veto, Trout Unlimited says - Posted by: Dennis Anderson

April 3rd, 2011
Watered-down wild rice protection? Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY, Star Tribune

March 22th, 2011
Bill weakens rules on mining pollution in wild rice-inhabited waters - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

March 10th, 2011
Scott Strand: Exemptions add up to bad public policy Article by: SCOTT STRAND, Star Tribune

March 4th, 2011
Rep. Cravaack holds roundtable on PolyMet mining project - By Bob Kelleher, Minnesota Public Radio

March 4th, 2011
Dayton signs on to big shift in environmental oversight - Article by: ERIC ROPER and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers

March 3rd, 2011
Merger boosts mine project near BWCA - Article by: DAVID SHAFFER, Star Tribune

February 4th, 2011
Copper Prices Make Range Deposit Look Good - Northland's NewsCenter

February 3rd, 2011
PolyMet revises proposed project to ease concerns, reduce costs - Business North

December 20th, 2010
Duluth Metals buys Franconia in copper mine merger - By Bob Kelleher, Minnesota Public Radio

December 20th, 2010
Mining dispute at boil over wild rice - Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY, Star Tribune

December 17th, 2010
Business group sues over mining pollution rules - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

December 15th, 2010
State agency likely to lend $4M for mine on Iron Range - Article by: DAVID SHAFFER, Star Tribune

December 13th, 2010
Cravaack vows to make mining top priority, fight for seat in 2012 - Article by: ERIC ROPER, Star Tribune

December 5th, 2010
Mining debate flows into the wild rice stands - Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY, Star Tribune

November 30th, 2010
Before opening the door to mining companies, let's open our eyes - By Elanne Palcich, MPR

November 29th, 2010
William Dustin: Mining has a cost, so let's make it pay - Article by: WILLIAM K. DUSTIN, Star Tribune

November 29th, 2010
Mining pollution may be hurting Minn's wild rice - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

November 15th, 2010
PolyMet gets cash from Swiss firm as it works to open Hoyt Lakes mine - Article by: DAVID SHAFFER, Star Tribune

October 6th, 2010
Test Shows Harmful Runoff at Old Mine Site - Northland's NewsCenter

October 1st, 2010
Runoff from old mines raises fears - Article by: TOM MEERSMAN, Star Tribune

August 17th, 2010
Scott Strand: Mining safe, creates jobs? Be skeptical. - Article by: SCOTT STRAND, Star Tribune

August 6th, 2010
Forum on Sulfide Mining - Northland's NewsCenter

August 6th, 2010
Mining Co. May Be In Danger Of Violating MN Law - Northland's NewsCenter

July 10th, 2010
Nick Coleman: Connect the wilderness at what cost? - Article by: NICK COLEMAN, Star Tribune

June 23rd, 2010
At the edge of the Boundary Waters, miners probe for copper, nickel - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

June 20th, 2010
Precious Metals, precious wilderness - By John Myers, Duluth News Tribune

Summer 2010
Minefield - A Mining Resurgence in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Threatens the Environment and the Region’s Tourism Industry

May 27th, 2010
Margaret Anderson-Kelliher seeks to unite all Minnesotans - Mesabi Daily News

May 24th, 2010
Is anyone protecting Minnesota's waters? By C.A. Arneson - MinnPost

May 10th, 2010
Jobs Vs. Nature In North Minn. Town - WCCO News

March 10th, 2010
State considers tougher copper-nickel mining rules - By Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

March 4th, 2010
In Minnesota, the price of metals is damage to our water - By C.A. Arneson - MinnPost

February 26th, 2010
EPA Rates PolyMet's EIS Unsatisfactory - KBJR News

February, 2010
Feds: PolyMet Environmental Review "Unsatisfactory" - Lake Superior Mining News

February 22nd, 2010
EPA says PolyMet mine report is 'inadequate' - Minnesota Public Radio

February 12th, 2010
Second EIS will be needed before PolyMet can begin mining - Timberjay

February 4th, 2010
Proposed copper-nickel mine draws 'extraordinary' interest State and federal regulators will take several months to review voluminous public feedback about the PolyMet project. By TOM MEERSMAN, Star Tribune

February 1st, 2010
Proposed PolyMet Mine Would Violate Environmental Laws and Cannot Proceed - The Center For Biological Diversity

January 28th, 2010
Pending lawsuit linked to PolyMet - Timberjay

January 25th, 2010
Lawsuit to Be Filed to Stop Pollution at Proposed PolyMet Mine Site - The Center For Biological Diversity

January 21st, 2010
Betsy Daub: Minnesotans face a decision about mining Do we protect the pursuit of wealth, or protect the wealth already around us? - Star Tribune

January 10th, 2010
Nick Coleman: If there's a 'copper rush,' there's peril What Minnesota stands to lose from the mining industry's growing activities.

January 7th, 2010
Experts Urge Officials To End Mountaintop Mining - By Christopher Joyce, National Public Radio

January 5th, 2010
Minding the miners: How Iron Range politics stands in the way of climate change legislation - MinnPost

January 1st, 2010
State offers leases for metallic minerals exploration - Minnesota Public Radio

December, 2009
Public Unable to Speak at PolyMet Meetings - Lake Superior Mining News

December 11th, 2009
Hundreds turn out for meeting on PolyMet EIS - Timberjay

December 10th, 2009
In first public meeting, jobs dominate mining debate - MPR

November 23rd, 2009
A woman's perspective on the PolyMet draft environmental impact statement

November 17th, 2009
Wisconsin mine may hold key to controversial Minnesota project- MPR

November 5th, 2009
Iron Range copper mine project inches ahead Environmentalists worry about water pollution from a proposed Iron Range copper mine, but a plant official says the method is safe. By TOM MEERSMAN, Star Tribune

October 29th, 2009
PolyMet takes next steps for controversial mine- MPR

October 29th, 2009
Iron Range copper mine project inches ahead - Environmentalists worry about water pollution from a proposed Iron Range copper mine, but a plant official says the method is safe - Article by: TOM MEERSMAN, Star Tribune

October 23rd, 2009
PolyMet takes next steps for controversial mine- MPR

October 9th, 2009
PolyMet EIS release likely to intensify mining debate - Timberjay

October 8th, 2009
Environmental study on proposed metals mine now available- MPR

August 12th, 2009
Paychecks v. protection: Sulfide mining in Minnesota

June 5th, 2009
New mining opportunities in northern Minn. pose environmental concerns- MPR

April 29th, 2009
Precious metals exploration stung by economic slump- Business North

April 21st, 2009
MPR- Minnesota rich in valuable minerals - and potential pollution - MPR

April 10th, 2009
Local view: Don't weaken fish and wildlife's 'bill of rights'

April 9th, 2009
Good Question: What Happens To MN Nuclear Waste?

April 2nd, 2009
Brimson community concerned about DNR copper/nickel leases

April 1st, 2009
No customer for controversial energy project Excelsior Energy targets municipal PUCs in search for a power purchase agreement

March 31st, 2009
State view: Wet America faces growing demand from Dry America

March 26th, 2009
Plans For Non-Ferrous Mining Upset Residents MSNBC

March, 2009
Nickel-Copper exploration target at Tamarack, Minnesota, USA

March 20th, 2009
EPA: Kennecott nation's second worst toxic waste producer

March 16th, 2009
Sulfide-mining doublespeak: Sulfide mining will not pollute -- just don't put that in writing!

March 15th, 2009
Mining's 'external costs' hard to calculate

March 14th, 2009
Editorial left out vital PolyMet information - Duluth News Tribune

March 14th, 2009
Waste from gold mine a high-stakes issue

March 13th, 2009
Do we really want to sacrifice our water for jobs? - Timberjay

March 10th, 2009
Paul Danicic: An acid test for sulfide mines Why do they oppose a bill that would protect the lake country but would not prevent their operation?

March 7th, 2009
Groups know that mining is boom-and-bust - The Ely Echo

March 6th, 2009
Failure to regulate mining industry is disastrous - Duluth News Tribune

March 6th, 2009
Riled Rangers: DLFers from northeastern Minnesota move to block environmental legislation

March 6th, 2009
Acid mine drainage is a very real threat

March 5th, 2009
Coddling Kennecott

February 26rd, 2009
Passage of Safe Mines Bill would protect the waters of Lake County and Lake Superior

February 26rd, 2009
All sides agree: Tough Pebble questions OK

February 23rd, 2009
Copper controversy - Capitol Report

February 20th, 2009
Minn. lawmakers look at new mining restrictions - Star Tribune

February 20th, 2009
Bill would create extra hurdles for new mining operations

February 19th, 2009
Legislation pursues tighter cleanup rules for Minnesota sulfide mines - Pioneer Press

February 19th, 2009
Bill to protect state's waters from mining pollution is introduced

February 19th, 2009
Lawmakers to mull restrictions on sulfide mining - MPR

February 19th, 2009
Legislation would force rules on copper mines, Mining advocates dislike limits in copper-mining bill

February 18th, 2009
Sulfide mining legislation unveiled, will protect Minnesota's lakes, rivers and streams from toxic pollution

February 13th, 2009
BHP enviously eyes Rio/Chinalco deal as it awaits approvals

February 7th, 2009
Mining town balks at uranium

February 5th, 2009
BHP's closure of Ravensthorpe may impact region for years

January 2009
The Real Price of Gold - National Geographic

January 29th, 2009
EPA reconsiders Superfund remedy

January 26th, 2009
Land of 10,000 stories: Recession a familiar story on Iron Range

January 22th, 2009
Atlantic Richfield Will Spend $8M to Remedy Leviathan Mine

January 20th, 2009
State of mining is bad, but it could get worse

January 2nd, 2009
In Minnesota, our wealth is our water -- so keep questioning sulfide mining

January 10th, 2009
Mineral leases could be real estate headache

January/ February 2009
Sulfide Mining Conference Pulls Midwest Together

January 9th, 2009
Mineral rights auction alarms real estate brokers

January 5th 2009
Metallic Sulfide Mining in the Great Lakes Region, by Teresa Bertossi

January 5th 2009
TVA coal ash - we had our own slide here in MN

January 2009
Metallic minerals lease sale

January 2nd, 2009
In Minnesota, our wealth is our water- so keep questioning sulfide mining

Fall 2008
Mining Madness, Water Wars: The Great Lakes in the Balance

Fall 2008
MN's 1st Sulfide Mining Proposal Raises New Environmental Issues

December 27th, 2008
New mining boom in store for the UP?

December 24th, 2008
Coal Ash Spill Revives Issue of Its Hazards, NYT article

December 12th, 2008
To Mine or Not to Mine, by Dave Dempsey

December 10th, 2008
Rio Tinto to Cut 14,000 Jobs to Reduce Debt

December 4th, 2008
Questions linger in Arrowhead about proposed sulfide-metals mining and potential effects

November 28th, 2008
Protecting Boundary Waters Wilderness, challenges persist

November 26th, 2008
Metallic mining leases up for sale

November 25th, 2008
Democrats brace for 'midnight rules' from Bush

November 25th, 2008
Opponents file suit to stop Barrick's Cortez Hills gold project

November 13th, 2008
Who Pays for Abandoned Mine Clean Up Cost

November 12th, 2008
Is Our Mining Past Our Future Environmental Nightmare?

November 10th, 2008
Who'll clean up when the party's over?

October 27th, 2008
Glencore Credit Risk Soars on Mining `Fear': Chart of the Day

October 27th, 2008
How to Beat a Mining Company

October 24th, 2008
MN:Falling metal prices could stymie new mine projects

October 20th, 2008
MN:State's first sulfide-metals mine faces fight

October 18th, 2008
Hope, and fears, on the Range As a new Iron Range mining venture edges closer to reality, environmentalists warn of water pollution. By LARRY OAKES, Star Tribune

October 17th, 2008
MN:Judge's ruling points up need for new global warming rules

October 10th, 2008
MN Questions PolyMet on Lack of Underground Mining Option in Study

October 7th, 2008
PolyMet:State and mining companies could be violating Minnesota law

October 6th, 2008
Political dispute intensifies over potential pollution from copper-nickel mining

October 1st, 2008
ENVIRONMENT: Companies Scramble for Ever-Scarcer Resources

October 2008
Minnesota mining debate over copper and nickel

October 2008
Non-ferrous mining on the Iron Range, Are we getting the shaft on safety and environmental concerns?

September, 2008
Norway fund blacklists miner Rio Tinto over environmental concerns

September 29th, 2008
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Citizens Can Effectively Challenge Illegal Government Rules

September 10th, 2008
Sex, Drug Use and Graft Cited in Interior Department

September, 2008
Glencore International AG

September, 2008
PolyMet gets Swiss metals giant Glencore as partner

August, 2008
PolyMet land sale editorial: Deciding what is best

August 14th, 2008
Hoyt Lakes land-sale plan erupting into clash of titans

August 14th, 2008
Carolyn J. Sampson - An extraordinary incursion of the public forest

August, 2008
MDNR Teck Cominco Decision; No EIS will be required

August, 2008
Good laws of little value if not enforced

July 28th, 2008
Audit hits hard at U.S. federal Abandoned Mine Lands programs

July 14th, 2008
PolyMet land deal upsets environmental groups

July, 2008
Sulfide mining brings new threats to the Boundary Waters' doorstep

July, 2008
Teck Cominco in Minnesota DNR (EAW) Comment Period

July, 2008
Sulfide mining forum brings out hundreds

July, 2008
Many reasons to have second thoughts on sulfide mining

July, 2008
Copper-nickel forum was impressive

July 9th, 2008
Biodiversoty Of Nature Reserves Threatened By Humans

July 8th, 2008
U of M researchers report threats to Minnesota's environment

July 3rd, 2008
Teck Cominco Active on Range Again

July 3rd, 2008
What's wrong with asking questions? copper-nickel should be carefully scrutinized

July 2nd, 2008
Mining firms to pay state $20.5 million for resource damage

June 30th, 2008
Mining company penalized for landfill violations

June 26th, 2008
U.S. EPA orders ARCO to complete investigation for Leviathan Mine cleanup

June 21st, 2008
The rest of the story (about the sulfide copper-nickel mining in MN)

June 21st, 2008
Can only slaughter the cow once

June 21st, 2008
Letter writer misrepresented my Polymet legislation

June 20th, 2008
US to see little strategic benefit from planned mining (Midwest)

June 16th, 2008
Noise from strip mine could harm wildlife, professor testifies

June 15th, 2008
EPA outlines plan for Gilt Edge cleanup

June 13th, 2008
Biggest destruction of public wetlands in Superior National Forest history

June 13th, 2008
Why is Amy Klobuchar Trying to Give Away Our Forest to a Mining Company?

June 12th, 2008
Another Delay for PolyMet Mining

June 6th, 2008
Oberstar offers bill to sell Superior Nat'l Forest land to mining company

June 6th, 2008
Bill sells Superior National Forest land to Polymet

June 6th, 2008
Bill calls for selling forest land to mining company...

June 2nd, 2008
Gilt Edge Mine turnishes the luster of mining glitter and gold guilt

June 2nd, 2008
Promise of gold nearer to reality Work advances on mine plan for UP

May 16th, 2008
How Kennecott concealed warnings of a possible disaster from the people of Magna

May 13th, 2008
MinnPost-New mining industry leaves Arrowhead wetlands vulnerable

May 13th, 2008
Midnight in the halls of Iron Range power

May, 2008
Iron Range rebirth: A new lease on life, or just dj vu? Higher prices, global demand trigger Iron Range and U.P. mining projects

May 12th, 2008
High Country News; Boom! Boom!

May 12th, 2008
High Country News; CRASH

May 9th, 2008
Utah Mine Disaster Was Preventable, Report Says

May 8th, 2008
Violent attack shocks mine opponents

May 7th, 2008
"Buried Treasure" On the Iron Range, the surging commodities market may bring prosperity. But it might also threaten one of the state's greatest natural resources.

May 6th, 2008
Dead birds draw embarrassing attention to Alberta oilsands

May 4th, 2008
Uranium claims spring up along Grand Canyon rim

May 3rd, 2008
County commissioners make powerful mining decisions

May 2nd, 2008
Duluth Metals Acquires Surface Rights on Additional Lands

April 25th, 2008
Modern mining companies don't support the arts

April 24th, 2008
Copper mining wont solve our tax problems

April 24th, 2008
Acid drainage from mines: should you mine, treat in perpetuity, or run for the cover of a social licence?

April 24th, 2008
Michigan; Mine lawsuit

April 23th, 2008
Acid Rock Drainage Tasmania

April 22th, 2008
Mining exploration will continue amid First Nation calls for moratorium

April 20th, 2008
Warming blamed for Minnesota moose losses

April 19th, 2008
Red Dog Mine problems offer small preview of Pebble

April 18th, 2008
Sulfide mining a big gamble for area

April 17th, 2008
Mine opponents speak at Rio Tinto meeting in London

April 9th, 2008
Critics take aim at climate change recommendations

April 1st, 2008
Mining partner pulls out of Crested Butte

March 31st, 2008
Exploration near Grand Canyon prompts lawsuit, fed legislation to ban mining

March 25th, 2008
Minnesota's moose are dying; global warming may be to blame

March 24th, 2008
Special Report: How Kennecott concealed warnings of a possible disaster from the people of Magna

March 12th, 2008
DNR plans to issue industrial mineral leases to Kennecott

March 2th, 2008
A renaissance on the Iron Range

February 18th, 2008
Death of a mine

February 18th, 2008

February 15th, 2008
PolyMet Updates EIS Schedule for Its Copper-Nickel Metals Project

February 14th, 2008
Lake County Declares Disaster Emergency Over Water Blockage

February 14th, 2008
Mine emergency declared in Leadville

February 8th, 2008
Non-ferrous mining on the Iron Range Are we getting the shaft on safety and environmental concerns?

February 7th, 2008
Bootlegged Federal Report Spells Trouble for 8 States

February 5th, 2008
State should say no to sulfide mining

February 3rd, 2008
On the Iron Range, a good environment is good for the economy

February 20th, 2008
It's cold outside, but Lake Superior is getting warmer

February 1st, 2008
More mines for Minnesota

February 1st, 2008
True costs of mining need to be understood

February 1st, 2008
Turkeys cant mitigate dead eagles

January 25th, 2008
MPR-Lawmakers to weigh mining jobs against sulfuric acid

January 25th, 2008
Mining proposals come under scrutiny

January 24th, 2008
New mining era for northeastern Minnesota and new environmental worries

January 20th, 2008
The growing concern over CO2

January 19th, 2008
True North: Copper mining debate squares off in legislative hearing

January 19th, 2008
Rio Tinto chief executive unveils vision for mine of the future

January 19th, 2008
Pre-session hearing on sulfide mining

January 17th, 2008
A Report on Mining Activities and Impacts in the Lake Superior Basin

January 13, 2008
Some reasons to question proposed copper mining

January 5th,2008
Protesters greet Gov. Pawlenty at environmental meeting

January 5th, 2008
Pebble awaiting OK of $100M budget

January 3rd, 2008
Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sands

December 30th, 2007
Scientists say newly found debris came from a huge meteorite hitting Canada

December 20th, 2007
Outraged over DNRs plans to kill Solo

December 14th, 2007
Michigan:Opponents vow to fight DEQ approval of first sulfide mining permit

December 9th, 2007
Update of 1872 mining laws puts compromise skills to the test

December 5th, 2007
CANADA: Gov't Urged to Rein in Mining Sector

December 4th, 2007
On the Iron Range, a good environment is good for the economy

November 26th, 2007
Kennecott research-Chuck Glossenger

November 16th, 2007
Mine Project Stopped in Northern B.C. Due to Social and Cultural Effects

November 15th, 2007
Michigan:Comments in Opposition to the Mining, Air Use and Groundwater Discharge Permits

November 12th, 2007
Huge facility planned for Duluth to harvest state's trees for European power plants

October 15th, 2007
Pollution: Losing Some Luster

October 8th, 2007
New report questions the value of Iron Range mining jobs

October, 2007
What Will Alaska's Future Look Like?

September, 2007
Minnesota's Boundary Waters Face Extermination By Climate Change

September 14th, 2007
Will State Allow Sulfide Mining Under U.P. River?

August 21st, 2007
Global copper and nickel demand spurs exploration on the Range

April 16th, 2007
Battle Over Michigan Sulfide Mines Heats Up

April 2nd, 2007
Metallic Sulfide Mining in Minnesota by Gabriel Caplett

March 3rd, 2007
London Calling scents something rotten in the North Woods - and even worse in Armenia

February 8th, 2007
Polymet project draws friends and foes

January 23rd, 2007
Keeping Up With Nigeria

January 17th, 2007
Ready to swim in sulfuric acid?

January 9th, 2007
Sulfide Mining and Sulfuric Acid Mine Drainage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

January 3rd, 2007
Alaska:Opinion on state's liability in Pebble project draws fire

September 3rd, 2006
What's Mine Is Theirs

June 30th, 2006
Mining companies eye Duluth Complex

June 5th, 2006
Bogged down in wetlands

May 26th, 2006
MPR-Mercury concerns on the Range

May 25th, 2006
MPR-The debate over sulfide mining

December 15th, 2005
Public Urged To Respond to Mining Rules

Fall-Winter, 2005
Northern Minnesota Prepares for a New Era in Mining

June 6th, 2005
Acid on the rocks: Sulfide mining poised to tunnel into Michigan

March 31st, 2004
Welcome to the Copper Range

March 7th, 2004
Glamis Gold Demands $50 Million Compensation for Not Destroying Quechan Nation Lands

September-October, 2003
All that glitters gold mining leaves a toxic trail -

November, 2002
Fedgazette- What lies beneath. The bills come due for hardrock mining's toxic past.

November, 2002
Fedgazette- Pay dirt or fool's gold. Do small towns strike it rich with metal mining or do they simply get the shaft?

November, 2002
Fedgazette- The prices-right The toughest problem in metal mining's future will be making prices reflect all the costs

July, 2002
Fedgazette- Digging in or digging out? Despite new exploration, mining's future is in a deep hole

June 12th, 2001
SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER-Too often, government is left with the cleanup costs

October 16th, 2000
Mainstreet Radio Special: Mining

October, 1996
Fedgazette- Mining in the Ninth District